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A Local Partner with Our Local Communities

Metropolitan Commercial Bank recognizes that when the communities we work and live in thrive, so do we. But there’s more to prosperity than just the bottom line. The true essence of responsible corporate citizenship is helping one another to live up to our fullest potential and achieve the best life possible. We do this by taking a dual approach, both as individuals and collectively as a company.

Central to this is our commitment to not only following the guidelines set forth in the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), but going well beyond in establishing benchmarks for investment in underserved communities. This is manifested in both investments as well as grants for deserving organizations and other community stakeholders that have been thoroughly researched and vetted.

MCB also supports a multitude of diverse, worthy, community-based organizations through a comprehensive grants program. We’ve helped low- to moderate-income individuals and families, women, minorities and immigrants gain access to affordable housing, job training, educational opportunities and other services that boost the quality of life, economic stability and progress for them and the neighborhoods where they live and work. 

Along with close collaboration with these and many other charitable organizations, our sense of community involvement reflects, and even crosses over into the way we conduct business, especially with small, community-based enterprises. We’re there to listen and provide support and assistance that goes well beyond what’s customary for most commercial banks. All of this helps define who we are as a business, as people, and as proud members of our communities with a deep connection and commitment to their growth and prosperity.

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To find out how you can partner with us and to learn more how our financial commitment is building stronger, more vibrant and viable communities please contact our Community Reinvestment Act Director.

Jessica Zeigerman

CRA Director